Develop students’ critical thinking skills
Ages: 14 to 16

Inspire and immerse your students in some of the best human and physical geography field studies locations in the UK. Learn about coasts, rivers, urban and rural environments and so much more. We can tailor your programme to meet your students’ GCSE field work requirements over 2, 3, or 4 days.

Our Geography GCSE field studies programme is specifically designed to meet the GCSE curriculum. Geography students can undertake their geographical enquiry with the use of primary data, IT labs and GIS software. Kingswood centres are the perfect field work locations for your students to gather data which they can present back in the classroom.

Students will learn the techniques they are going to use, with specific focus on why that technique helps answer their enquiry question, and what limitations might they face. On returning to our centre, students are guided through data presentation and analysis. We also provide guidance on evaluation methods including how to draw conclusions. These follow up sessions are tailored to your learning objectives so that they flow seamlessly with lesson plans back in school; all work completed by the students is made available to you at the end of your stay. 

Mixed in with your field studies programme is a choice of exciting adventure activities, perfect to refresh minds between research sessions.

Geographical skills covered

✔ Cartographic skills

✔ Graphical skills

✔ Numerical skills

✔ Use of qualitative and quantitative data

✔ Formulate enquiry and argument

Geographical enquiry strands

For each of the field work enquiries students will develop their confidence and competence in these six strands of geographical enquiry:

✔ Identifying a suitable question for geographical enquiry

✔ Selecting, measuring and recording data appropriate to the chosen enquiry

✔ Selecting appropriate ways of processing and presenting fieldwork data

✔ Describing, analysing and explaining field work data

✔ Reaching conclusions

✔ Evaluation of geographical enquiry

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