Welcome to the year of adventure

New Year, new adventures

Kingswood have a new year’s resolution: to deliver even more of the transformative trips and unforgettable adventures we have provided to children and adults alike for the past 40 years. What’s yours?

If it’s taking on new challenges, building self-confidence, and making memories that last, you’re in the right place. As we enter 2023, we couldn’t be happier to look ahead at the new experiences we’ll share with you this time around. Whether you are a familiar face or a new adventurer, we want to start things off by sharing with you a new year’s guide to Kingswood.

We want to ensure our adventures can be experienced by everyone and anyone. Accessibility is key to us. Our mission to support young people and encourage personal growth through our challenges and programmes is as important to us today as it was 40 years ago. 

Our educational content, funding support, and year-round flexibility in seasonal trips means more opportunities for more people. We even have a sister company which can provide great value transport! So, take a look below to see how you can start your 2023 off with a Kingswood adventure.

Food for thought

Whether it’s tightening budgets, self-esteem concerns, or curiosity in a little one’s first trip, we have some beneficial blogs that are sure to help guide you to a brilliant adventure with us. Take a look at some of our guidance content below.

Tips for your child's first residential

Handy tips for parents, to ease any pre-trip nerves.

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Making school trips more affordable

Many children will miss out on school trips due to tightening budgets. Here are some ideas to help make residential adventures more affordable.

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Our top 10 confidence building activities

Adventure learning nurtures self-esteem and confidence through a whole host of activities.

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Enabling adventures

As passionate champions of young people for almost 40 years, we want to ensure that the financial crisis does not mean children have to miss out on truly transformative school trips.

That's why we've launched the Kingswood Hardship fund to provide financial support for young people who face barriers in accessing this valuable life experience. You can make an application to the Hardship Fund for Kingswood to fully fund up to 2 in 10 young people from your group to attend where their trip is at risk due to financial difficulties. See below to find out more.

Funding & Support

We believe that outdoor adventure is for everyone - and that every young person should have the chance to experience a transformative residential trip. You can make an application to the Hardship Fund for Kingswood to fully fund up to 2 in 10 young people from your group to attend where their trip is at risk due to financial difficulties.

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Year-round fun

We deliver transformative trips across the seasons, so there’s a time to suit everyone! Being flexible with your dates means you have access to some amazing prices, and more opportunities for exciting adventures. 

The benefits of a Kingswood adventure are year-round. For instance, you can embed deeper learning and confidence for students during the academic year by considering bookings through Autumn to Spring. Or, your group can enhance their summer break by spending some of their sunny days with us! Check our guide prices below for school/group bookings:

Spring '23
from £86pp
from £55pp
Summer '23
from £160pp
from £143pp
Autumn '23
from £91pp
from £82pp

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Get from A to B

Kingswood’s sister company, Britannia Coach Services, offer transport to and from anywhere in the UK or overseas, for any trip. We know that organising group travel is not always easy. Their fleet can accommodate a wide variety of outings and events, from day trips to residential stays, ensuring you have a smooth journey.

As a Kingswood customer, you can get access to super affordable, reliable and top quality transport at brilliant prices. They offer a competitive travel service with flexible solutions that save you time and money. 

Take the stress out of your day, or overnight stay. Click here for more:

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