Our top 10 confidence building activities

Adventure learning nurtures self-esteem and confidence through a whole host of activities.

Some things are for certain when embarking on a residential school or group trip: there will be challenges and entire teams will grow in confidence. Our activity-packed itineraries and enthusiastic activity leaders will inspire even the most cautious of adventurers, but more than that, we work with teachers and group leaders to consolidate all the learning from an outdoor adventure to support long-lasting confidence. There’s something about ‘rising to the challenge’ that really sticks with us, and is such a wonderful feeling to celebrate and look back on when facing difficult times.

Here's our top ten Kingswood activities for encouraging confidence:  

1. Skyclimb

Undoubtedly exploring the high ropes and deciding you can take that next step higher does wonders for confidence. And although young people have a feeling of freedom whilst climbing, they are in total safety with our ‘continuous belay system’ that supports them throughout their experience.

2. Stand up paddle boarding

Combining surfing skills with the ability to paddle is definitely trickier than it looks. Being able to even firstly balance gives participants a great confidence boost.

3. Trail of mystery

An unusual choice to add to the traditional comfort-zone expanding, high-adrenaline challenges, but hear us out. Taking part in our ‘murder mystery’ and feeling confident enough to voice opinions in a group setting is hugely beneficial.  

4. Nightline

A simple yet very effective activity that encourages confidence through communication and building trust. Through the use of blindfolds, team members help each other navigate our nightline course from start to finish.

5. Leap of faith

The classic ‘leap of faith’ really pushes young people to their limits. Our challenge by choice message often comes into play with this activity as there really is no need to go too far to feel the benefits of outdoor learning. For those keen to have a go, whether it’s only a few steps up the pole or the full leap, any attempt is a huge achievement.

6. Jacob’s ladder

On horizontal ropes, young people work together to navigate their way higher and higher up Jacob’s Ladder whilst suspended on a belay system for safety. It’s all about communication and feeling confident enough to encourage your team mate, and yourself.  

7. Free fall

Similar to the leap of faith, this challenge takes a lot of courage and self-determination. Young people climb a 10 metre tower, and in full-safety gear step off the edge. Again, achieving such an extreme challenge does wonders for confidence, but is not for everyone and challenge by choice is actively encouraged and supported.  

8. Fencing

Coached by British Fencing Association qualified Instructors, this activity is all about strategy. Deciding on the best route forward in full protective fencing gear whilst en-guard takes a lot of confidence and self-belief.

9. Crate stack

This activity may not have the same ‘ring to it’ as others do, but believe us it is a fantastic and hugely enjoyable challenge. Working together and in full-safety gear, individual team members are encouraged to climb as high as they can as the crates stack-up whilst being cheered on by team mates. It’s a real test of self-belief and confidence, and of course, balance.

10. Caving

Young people navigate a caving system which gives them a feeling of confidence in tackling something new in unfamiliar conditions. The stories about bomb shelters and prehistoric people really add to the experience. This activity is particularly helpful for young people who have a fear of the dark, as they are fully guided and supported by our instructors.

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