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Within our residentials, you will have access to dedicated space that allows you to run group sessions or use the space for something bespoke with the help of our specialist staff.

Our activities allow you to work towards a specific badge or reward your team with our wide range of activities.

We accommodate various religious groups, giving you space to worship or run sessions when you want, simply let us know what you require.


All aspects of our operation are subject to risk assessment by our own in-house team.

The content of the risk assessments are subject to further review and scrutiny by external Technical Advisors, statutory regulators and inspectors from the British Activity Providers Association.

All of our risk assessments are reviewed on an annual basis as a minimum but may be subject to additional review and updates.

The links below provide risk management details for each of our centres. This will help you understand the main risks there are on each site, how we manage supervision, team qualifications and training, our insurance details and any accreditations the centre holds for its activity delivery.

It is very unlikely that your visit approvals process will require you to obtain copies of all our risk assessments. The Outdoor Education Advisers' Panel produces guidance on asking for Provider's risk assessments which you can read here.


An adventure to remember, a taste of independence, a rush of adrenaline, a breath of fresh air, a sense of achievement and making memories that last a lifetime. That’s what we’re here for.

We are raising the bar to provide the very best outdoor learning experiences. A Kingswood adventure utilises experiential education and non-academic ways of learning to provide a taste of independence, the chance to make lifelong memories and gain a sense of achievement. The experience equips pupils with skills for their future and broadens their horizons to the opportunities available to them.


A little bit
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A residential is an exciting time for your students but we want you to enjoy the trip as much as possible.

That's why all our centres have a dedicated teacher's lounge fully decked out to give you space to relax, reconnect or catch up on some work.

Party Leader rooms are fully-equipped with amenities like tea & coffee making to allow you to feel at home in your accommodation.


Over 35 years of transformative trips, encouraging both adults and young people to build confidence and resilience

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Frequently asked
Questions for Groups

Are meals included in international residential trips?

Yes, we provide nutritious and filling breakfast, lunch and dinner for every member of your group, and can accommodate dietary requirements and allergies on a pre-agreed basis.

Can we request specific accommodation?

You’re more than welcome to request the accommodation you would like, and we’ll do our best to prioritise it for you. However, we cannot 100% guarantee this, especially during busy seasons.

How do you incorporate English language learning into your programmes?

As part of our English in Action programme, engaging lessons are delivered by UK Language Courses (UKLC) using a combination of proven methodologies. Every student will receive a certificate of English Language course attendance and a final progress report. In addition, we incorporate vocabulary and confidence-boosting elements into all our adventure activities and cultural excursions.

Who supervises the international youth groups on their residential trip?

Children will be supervised by qualified instructors, in addition to their recognised teachers and supervisors. Rest assured that there will be a responsible adult with them at all times.

What international youth group programmes are available?

Kingswood offers Adventure, Adventure Plus, Explore, English in Action and Skills4Life programmes, so that your international youth group get the most from their residential trip.

Why book a residential trip for your international youth group?

Our residential trips for international youth groups have been designed so that children and young adults can have fun, learn new skills, bond with their peers, experience English culture and develop their English language abilities.

Can I request specific accommodation for our uniform group?

If you’d like a specific accommodation block for your uniform group to stay in, express your preference at the point of booking. Please note that your first choice may not always be possible, particularly during busy seasons.

What happens if it rains?

If the weather lets us down, we have contingency plans to ensure your uniform group still has fun!

Can you cater to different dietary requirements?

Of course. Just let us know about dietary requirements and allergies we need to be aware of before your trip.

Are meals included in a residential trip at Kingswood?

Yes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is catered for, and snacks are available to buy from the on-site shops.

Who will supervise the uniform groups?

A responsible adult will always be present with each group, including a qualified instructor where appropriate.

Can my uniform group work towards badges on their trip?

Yes. Just let us know what your group is working towards, and we can tailor activities to ensure those badges get earned.

What activities are available at Kingswood?

There are so many, we couldn’t possibly list them all here! Each centre offers roughly 50 activities, though these differ depending on centre size and geographical location. Take a look at all the activities your group could get involved in.

Why book a residential trip for your uniform group?

Team building, life skills and fun underpin any uniform group, which marry up perfectly with the ambition of our residential activity trips.

Do you include food in residential trips?

We do; breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided, with dietary requirements and allergies accommodated if you let us know prior to the trip.

Can I choose specific accommodation?

Mention at the time of booking which accommodation you’d prefer your youth group to stay in, and we’ll be able to let you know if this will be possible – we make no guarantees though, particularly during busy periods.

Who supervises the youth groups on a residential trip?

Children are usually placed in groups of no more than 15, and are always accompanied by qualified instructors, as well as their usual teachers or supervisors. A responsible adult will be present at all times.

Are there snacks available for youth groups during the day?

Snacks are available from the on-site shops, there are water taps around to refill bottles, and some locations are also home to a juice trolley for on-the-go refreshment between sessions.

When do youth groups need to arrive?

We offer several different arrival times, so that you can choose one that suits your travel arrangements. Standard arrival is at 2pm, early arrival is at 12.30pm (an extra activity starts at 2.30pm, and you can choose whether lunch is provided or not), and a self-led early arrival can also be scheduled for 12.30pm.

What youth group programmes are available?

From sports to languages and even environmental field studies, discover all the adventures that Kingswood has to offer.

Why book residential activities for youth groups?

Our residential activities have been designed so that children and young adults can have fun, learn new skills, bond with their peers, and further their social development.

Can we request specific accommodation for our faith group?

Please discuss with us at the point of booking if there is specific accommodation that you would like to request. Please note that this may not always be possible, particularly during busy periods.

Does my faith group have to be a minimum size?

We can accommodate groups of all sizes, but there may be group-size requirements for certain activities. We can discuss this with you on a case-by-case basis.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We’re more than prepared if it rains – our contingency plans ensure we can still have fun safely, even if the weather isn’t ideal.

What should children pack?

We provide a full packing list to ensure everyone has what they need for a fun week.

Can we request special menus?

We can ensure that the food available during your faith group’s stay is appropriate; simply talk to us before your trip, and we’ll devise a suitable menu.

Can you provide designated areas for worship?

It’s our pleasure to accommodate the needs of every faith group who stay with us; talk to our team about the rooms and times you require spaces for worship, and we’ll make sure it happens for you.

Are meals included in residential trips?

A nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner are all provided each day for your whole group. We’re happy to accommodate religious dietary requirements and allergies, plus some of our centres have additional kitchen spaces for groups that require separate cooking or prefer to self-cater. Just make sure you let us know in good time, before the trip.

Who supervises the faith groups on their residential trip?

Faith groups will be supervised by qualified instructors, in addition to their usual group leaders. For your peace of mind, we would like to reassure all parents and guardians that there is a responsible adult present at all times.

Why book a residential trip for your faith group?

Our residential experiences for faith groups have been designed to foster a sense of community, so that children and young adults can have a good time, learn new skills, and get to know their peers better.

What food is on the menu during our visit?

You can see a sample menu here. Closer to your visit, specific menus can be made available to you on request from the centre.

Can we arrive outside set arrival times?

If you want to get even more out of your stay you can opt for one of our early arrival options and add an extra activity.

  • Standard Arrival
    Arrive at 14:30 to meet your group leader. Room allocations from 15:00 followed by ice breakers. First activity scheduled at 16:05.
  • Early arrival with 1 extra activity (lunch not included)
    Arrive at 12:30 (bring own packed lunch) and meet group leader. Room allocations from 14:00 followed by ice breakers. First activity scheduled at 14:30.
  • Early with 1 extra activity (lunch included)
    Arrive at 12:30, hot lunch included and meet group leader. Room allocations from 14:00 followed by ice breakers. First activity schedules at 14:30.
  • Self-Led Early Arrival
    Arrive after 12:30, self-led time until standard arrival time 14:30 to meet group leader. Room allocations from 15:00 followed by ice breakers. First activity scheduled at 16:05.

Do you offer snacks and refreshments throughout the day?

Some centres have juice trolleys outside the diner between sessions and there are outside taps to fill water bottles up from. Snacks can also be purchased from the on-site shop.

Can I see a full list of available activities?

A full list of activities can be found here and can be filtered by centre and activity type.

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