Get Set Go!

Packed full of fun high-adrenaline and challenging activities, this Kingswood experience is designed to build confidence and resilience which is key to coping with whatever life throws at young people. We have carefully handpicked a range of activities which we know build resilience, confidence and support future well-being. The programme celebrates strengths and achievements, promotes positive thinking and staying motivated, and resisting peer pressure.


Suitable for

Non-school groups


We donate £1 for every young person that completes this adventure to our partner charity, YoungMinds.

YoungMinds champion children and young people’s mental health and well-being across the UK. It’s their mission to improve the emotional resilience of all children, ensure that those who suffer get fast and effective support, and build a society where mental health has no attached stigma.


Learning outcomes

If you’d like to, you can combine your programme with your choice of learning outcomes to maximise the impact for your pupils. The learning outcomes which naturally sit within this programme are:

Challenge and risk

React positively to challenges and manage appropriate risk taking.


Be able to demonstrate resilience through exposure to failures or setbacks.


Be an enthusiastic and motivated group member.