Raft building

This is a great activity for learning the intricacies of teamwork, leadership, planning and problem solving, but more importantly how not to get wet! Pupils work together to design and build their raft out of barrels, logs and rope and take to the water to test out their craft. Naturally, safety is our top priority, so buoyancy aids and protective clothing are provided, and all activities are carried out in carefully controlled, safe environments.

Raft building is available for groups on Adventure Choice programmes. During the week, in high season (May to July) standard Adventure Choice programmes will not include watersports unless the upgrade is booked, in low season we aim to programme watersports where possible but again this is not guaranteed unless the upgrade is booked.

Please note that as our watersports activities at the Isle of Wight are sea-based, they are tide and weather dependent, and sea conditions will affect which watersports are available on certain days and certain times. At other centres weather may affect which watersports activities are available at certain times.


Learning outcomes

Problem solving

Devise a plan, execute it and review its effectiveness in solving a problem.



Work constructively as a team member.


Leading and supporting

Use clear communication skills and language as a group leader or supporter to others