Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Kingswood is committed to widening access to its facilities to those with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND). To assist young people, Party Leaders and all others involved with fun and enjoyable learning experiences on our centres, we have put together an information pack to help in the pre-visit planning stages, to ensure that the facilities available at our centres meet those required and that programmes are selected that provide the widest opportunities for participation, whilst reflecting good practice and appropriate provision for all.

Although this pack contains lots of useful information, professional good practice in Outdoor Learning stresses that the best way to understand the extent of the provision our centres can offer young people with SEND requirements is to visit the centre itself and discuss all options with the support team on site. To this end, we urge all those managing SEND processes to arrange a visit to their chosen centre as early as possible in the planning process.

Download SEND information pack

Carers and mentors

SEND carers or mentors for young people that display unusual or challenging behaviour associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for example, are encouraged to attend the residential free of charge. If an individual relies on a carer in the school environment then it is likely they will benefit from the same support during a Kingswood experience. However, if a carer is unable to attend, this should not automatically mean that those they care for should be prevented from attending. Party Leaders should note that the final decision on the level of SEND support required rests with them, however we are keen to work closely to support any decision making process.

Participants with learning difficulties

Kingswood’s activity and learning programmes contain sufficient opportunities to differentiate for varying abilities. If you have specific queries about tailoring courses to meet the needs of those with specific learning difficulties, please contact us for assistance.

Participants with challenging behaviour

Our staff approach their work in a way that includes all learners and supports positive interaction between all group members. We hope to respond appropriately to those who have different behavioural needs associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for example, but do not necessarily have the experience or ongoing professional relationship with young people to manage every individual in every situation. Please contact us to discuss how this support can be provided and make sure we can have joint strategies in place with you to design the best learning outcomes for all.

Challenging behaviour on its own is not an obstacle to full participation in the Kingswood experience. However, please be aware that maintaining acceptable levels of behaviour (related to the physical and emotional safety for all our guests) is the responsibility of the accompanying staff members. In extreme circumstances, individuals whose behaviour places themselves or others in danger or effects the safe learning environment for others may be excluded from participation. We actively encourage a case by case risk/benefit analysis if there is felt to be a significant risk of exclusion for individuals, as having to exclude participants does not meet our organisational objectives of building self-confidence and positive self-regard in learners on our centres. We can support Party Leaders in this process as part of the pre-visit planning process.

Hearing impaired participants

Visitors with partial or full hearing loss are welcome to participate in all parts of our programme. There are no restrictions placed on their involvement. Please inform the centre in advance if you have group members who have a hearing impairment, so delivery staff can consider their session delivery to take into account all participants.

Visually impaired participants

Visitors with partial or full sight loss are welcome to participate in all parts of our programme, however by necessity experiences and achievements may be measured in different ways to the fully sighted, and care should be taken in selecting options from the ICT and Environmental Field Studies programmes. By prior arrangement, facilities for the partially sighted, such as large print resources, can be made available. Please inform the centre in advance if you have group members who have visual impairment so that delivery staff can consider their session delivery to take into account all participants.

Mobility impaired participants

Due to the complexity of an individual’s needs, experiences and motivations, it is often difficult for us as a provider to give an unambiguous assessment of the suitability of facilities and programme options for individuals. For this reason it is necessary to re-state the importance for Party Leaders (or those responsible for the attending SEND Learners) to visit their intended Kingswood centre in advance of the residential to review facilities and discuss specific requirements.

In the information pack you will find information about access to our centres which should provide some answers to many initial queries regarding centre environments.

Risk assessments

We have undertaken a review of our risk assessments with reference to the specific needs of those with particular categories of disability.  By necessity these risk assessments are generic in nature and do not replace the need for a more detailed assessment to be conducted for specific individuals who have particular vulnerabilities, and therefore are provided as a reference guide only for party leaders who may require this information in the planning of their visit. These special needs risk assessments have only reviewed the requirements for those with physical disabilities, hearing or visual impairment or learning difficulties. They do not account for those who may have behavioural problems but who are otherwise able to participate in our programmes as normal.

Download SEND information pack