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In preparation for your visit, here is some useful information for you pre-arrival. Find out more below about our Learning Outside the Classroom quality badge details, risk assessments, Insurance and trip launch information including details for parents.

Learning Outside the Classroom quality badge

We are holders of the LOtC quality badge. This means you can be assured that we have met with required standards around safety, activity provision and learning outcomes. The Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel endorses the LOtC Quality Badge and the majority of Local Authority Outdoor Education Advisers have indicated that they accept the award in place of some or all of their checks. You can view which Local Authority Outdoor Education Advisers support the LOtC Quality Badge by visiting the OEAP website here.


LOtC badge numbers and expiry date:

Isle of Wight: 101618 - 18/03/2022
Chateau de Chantereine: 101617 - 18/03/2022
Colomendy: 101589 - 17/03/2022
Dearne Valley: 102669 - 04/12/2022
Dukeshouse Wood: 101615 - 18/03/2022
Grosvenor Hall: 101616 - 30/08/2022
Overstrand Hall: 101619 - 18/03/2022
Peak Venture: 101620 - 18/03/2022
Staffordshire: 101621 - 18/03/2022
West Runton: 101622 - 18/03/2022

Risk assessments

As above, our LOtC quality badge is regularly accepted as assurance that the safety management system is adequate by many Outdoor Education Advisors, and you should check with them before forwarding copies of Kingswood's risk assessments. However, you can download copies of all of our risk assessments here if you do still require them.

AALA accreditation

Our watersports activities at Peak Venture and Isle of Wight fall within the scope of the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations. Confirmation of our AALA accreditation can be found here.


You can find a copy of our insurance details here.

Trip Planner

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Parent’s area

This section includes useful information and handy guides for parents to give peace of mind that their child is in safe hands and to help both parent and child prepare for the trip. Click here to find out more.

Launching your trip

In this area you will find useful information, forms and downloads to use in planning your visit and launching to parents. Click here to find out more.