Frequently asked questions

Here you'll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from parents about their child's time at Kingswood.



Q: Will my child cope?

A: All Kingswood staff are trained to take responsibility for the well-being of the children who are in their care. We have found that the best way to help children cope with being away from home is to keep them busy. As such, we create a warm, supportive environment for young visitors so they quickly feel at home. Our activities are progressive, allowing participants to join in at whatever level they’re comfortable with. For obvious reasons some activities are age restricted and/or subject to the correcting of equipment.


Q: Can parents telephone their children?

A: In special circumstances, of course parents are welcome to contact the teacher or party leader to speak to their child. However, it has been our experience that parents phoning their children just to talk often makes the children’s time away from home harder, rather than easier. 


Q: Will children need additional pocket money?

A: All children’s needs are catered for but every Kingswood centre does have a gift shop where children can by postcards, limited refreshments, pencils and souvenirs so we recommend young people to bring £5-10 during their stay. You can also purchase souvenirs, before or after your child’s arrival on centre via our online shop.


Q: What care is available during the night?

A: Party leaders sleep nearby to young people so are never too far away. Every centre has a night duty team on call throughout the night.


Q: What is included in the booking?

A: Your booking covers: fully supervised centre-based programmes and evening entertainment, comfortable accommodation and freshly prepared, healthy meals.


Q: When is bedtime?

A: Our evening activities typically end around 9pm when visitors can enjoy a refreshment before returning to their dorms. We suggest a lights-out policy of 10pm but this may vary depending on the age of the group and their party leaders’ preferences.


Q: Can you arrange insurance?

A: All visitors to Kingswood are covered by our standard £20 million public liability insurance while on site. It is recommended that groups obtain relevant travel insurance for their trip which can be provided by Kingswood, via Endsleigh, at a cost of £3 per individual. This comprehensive policy will cover all activities on site plus the usual travel insurance criteria. This covers children and party leaders from the time of booking your Kingswood visit (and insurance premium paid) to the end of your trip.


Q: What should parents do regarding illness?

A: We ask parents to be vigilant before their child’s trip to Kingswood. If your child shows symptoms of illness they should inform their trip leader who can contact us directly for information.


Q: What about children with special needs?

A: Kingswood is committed to an inclusive approach and values the involvement of all young people. We can support special needs participants with many of their requirements as long as party leaders make us aware of them at the time of booking. We’re happy to provide extra support to those who are used to taking part in activities with the rest of their team members – but if we think it won’t prove a positive experience for them, that it might prove overwhelming, or that we’re not equipped to cope with a specific situation, we’ll let you know.


Q: Will our child mix with other groups?

A: Our centres usually have several schools and groups staying at any one time, but participants stay together throughout the day. The only time groups can meet is in the evenings as part of our evening activities unless participating in the Interaction module. Members from different groups never share the same dorms.