The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Team Building Trip

Corporate away days are days when employees are taken off the job to take part in team-building activities in hotels or activity centres.

What is a corporate away day?

Corporate away days are days when employees are taken off the job to take part in team-building activities. This can usually be performed in places away from usual working environments, such as hotels or activity centres. Company away days are used for team building, employee training or simply as a reward for hard work. Many varieties of team away days exist, but all share a common theme: to get everyone involved in fun and beneficial activities! When planning your team away day events, it must be within budget and be able to accommodate the attendees. Here's everything you need to know when planning team-building events.

Why your company needs team-building trips

If you've noticed the people in your team are in a bit of a slump, or if they are working, but not really working together, it may be time to plan a fun team day outside the office that gives them space to be creative, engaging and focus on building certain skills in a brand new environment.

Teams who engage in group activities and games in a different location to the office are more likely to build better relationships with their colleagues and talk to people with who they may not have had the chance to speak to inside the office. Not only do team-building trips help your team get to know each other on a deeper level, but they are also great for building morale, lifting spirits and fostering new skills which can all help raise productivity levels when back in the office.

What makes a good team day away?

The perfect team-building trip finds the right balance between professional and fun. The events and activities included should consider the attendees. For example, a murder mystery experience or presentation exercise may be great for a group full of extroverts, but for introverts, it may not be their ideal experience. Brainstorm away day ideas with your team and see what you come up with!

At Kingswood, our activities are specially designed to suit all kinds of people. We even have a conference centre and board rooms for presentations and team talks where we provide refreshments, food, projectors, and AV equipment.

How are corporate away days structured?

Your company away day must be structured to allow your group to thrive outside of a professional environment. Carefully select events and activities that centre around specific aims such as being competitive, having fun, playing an educational game or solving challenges. You should also factor in breaks and time for staff to reflect. Companies that structure their day to include several amazing group challenges along with sufficient breaks and downtime have greater success. Different venues may also hold fun team-building activities during your corporate away day!

Benefits of a corporate away day

Connects remote teams

If some or all of your team works from home, the team relationships may not be as strong as you hoped. Planning a team-building event or a corporate away day is a great way to build stronger relationships which will make their working relationship better in future.

Improves productivity

One of the most common goals for organising company away days is improving productivity. Having a well-needed break from the office and engaging in interactive, fun and team-building events is a fantastic way to boost morale and productivity when back at work.

Encourages creativity

Creativity and innovation can benefit every person and every business. After you hire a member of staff, their creativity can decline when sitting in the same place every day. Instead, planning an event where they can create or discover new ideas is super beneficial to them and the company.

Provides positive reinforcement

Planning team-building activities or a corporate away day can be a great reward for your staff. It highlights the work your team have been doing and the specific behaviours that have led to this recognition.

How to plan a corporate away day

Organising your team-building event requires a lot of planning. Everything from the duration of your stay to the events that will be happening. Companies who engage in competitive, fun, or challenging team-building activities have a happier and more motivated team than those who don't! Here's how to plan your corporate away day.

Define your goals

Probably the most important thing you want to decide before you even start brainstorming away day ideas is what you want your team to get out of it. There is no right or wrong reason for wanting to plan a company away day. You may want to build their confidence, provide insight into an aspect of business, encourage team bonding, or even just give your team a chance to unwind and have fun! At Kingswood, we have a range of corporate packages that are perfect for team building, overcoming challenges and experiencing something completely new.

You should also create a budget for your corporate team-building event. This will ensure you meet your aims whilst not going overboard on spending.

Find a great away day venue

Choosing your team-building activity and the location is the next important step. You should choose a venue that aligns with your goals. For example, outdoor activities can provide adventure and excitement where groups must work together during the challenge or game. Activity or sports centres are a great option for this! Alternatively, if you want to unleash your group's creative and imaginative side, then a painting or pottery class may be a useful event. For focusing on problem-solving, an escape room or scavenger hunt is a popular option.

There are team-building trip venues that can fit every budget. Simply do some research into different locations and the activities available there to see if it fits within the budget and will put your colleagues’ skills to use the way you want.

Plan the team away day agenda

The events you choose for your team-building trip should take into consideration each member of your team. The events should be inclusive of everyone who will be attending the team-building trip.

After you've chosen the venue, it may be a good idea to chat with your colleagues to see what activities and events they would like to take part in, and you can create the itinerary from there. There may be certain events that your group either would love to do or love to avoid. For example, being a host at a conference may be way out of one colleague's comfort zone, but someone else may enjoy it. Alternatively, someone some people may not feel comfortable in or around water whilst others love the physical challenges of some activities.

It's beneficial to include your team in the decision-making process wherever possible. This will help you choose team-building events that everyone will enjoy and may even provide you with ideas you hadn't considered.

Reflect on the team-building activity

What good would a company away day be if nothing was gained from it? Following your team-building event, discuss the trip with your employees or pass out a questionnaire to get feedback on what was great about the experience, what was the most fun and what they took from the challenges. For example, one person may have found that the location of the venue was perfect for a break. Another may have loved the sports involved and found that communication really helped. Employees may have found that working in groups was easier than they thought and would consider group work to help come up with ideas at work.

Reflecting is an important part of the corporate away day and can help bridge the gap between the trip and the goals.