Presentation slides: Strengthen teamwork and build resilience in adults and young people

At the inaugural MAT Show, Dr John discussed 21st century learning through outdoor adventure.

In February 2024, Dr John Allan was a guest speaker at the inaugural MAT Show (The Multi-Academy Show), presenting a talk on 21st century learning through outdoor adventure

To put the rapid pace of change young people face into perspective, it is estimated that 65% of them will end up in jobs yet to be invented. This interactive seminar examines the construct of psychological resilience which constitutes a range of positive adaptive behaviours acquired through outdoor adventure education (OAE) which enables young people to cope with disruption, bounce-back from adversity and follow a trajectory of growth (bounce-beyond ability).

'Excellent presentation- so important for us to think about this and not just academia - and this has given me lots of ideas for how we can do this in our schools! Thank you'

- Feedback from the MAT Show audience

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