'Inspiring the forgotten middle' - Horizons Magazine

What are the 'forgotten middle'? And how can we stop them falling through the cracks?

In this article, published in the summer issue of Horizons: The Outdoor Learning Magazine, Dr John Allan addresses the issue of the 'forgotten middle' and explains how outdoor adventure education can help stop this group from falling through cracks in society and education.

‘Forgotten Middle’ young people attend secondary school regularly, are neither the highest nor the lowest achievers and rarely misbehave.

Although possessing different needs and talents, youngsters within this middle range of learners may be at risk of becoming marginalised in school and failing to excel in their studies. To allow these individuals to express a positive voice and build the skills required to unlock their potential, the Inspiring Learning Foundation (ILF), in collaboration with Northampton University, designed, delivered and evaluated a bespoke Outdoor Adventure Education (OAE) residential programme.


'Forgotten Middle' Young People

'Forgotten Middle' Young People: How outdoor learning could inspire a generation of learners

By Dr John Allan, Head of Learning and Impact, Inspiring Learning

Horizons: The Outdoor Learning Magazine