Have A Staycation… At Home!

We know this isn’t the Easter break you were planning, and in the spirit of keeping calm and carrying on, and making staying in that bit more fun, here are some ways you can have a staycation… at home.

Have a sleepover in the front room

Midnight snacks, bedtime stories and lots of giggles are all in store on a family sleepover, in the front room. A great family bonding opportunity, and chance to do something different when days are feeling just a little samey. Plus, a great excuse to watch a Disney film with the kids.

Stargaze and camp out in the garden

Pick an evening with clear skies, throw a blanket out and enjoy an evening of stargazing; there are some brilliant apps too where you can read all about constellations and what to look out for. The moon is particularly spellbinding and something we may not notice that much in our busy lives. If you have a tent, you could brave the cold and spend the night outdoors (a good excuse to use any ski wear you may not have been able to use this year).

Build a den

Remember when this was the most fun thing to do ever! Well it can be again. Pull off the sofa cushions, grab a duvet and let the fun begin. You could even create a den building competition; who’s is the most sturdy? Or which does the family pet prefer?

Go orienteering around the house!

A lovely idea when combined with a treasure hunt. X could mark the spots in your garden or indoors. Choose a number of items and list them on a map, who finds the treasures in the quickest time wins. Make this more challenging by creating a number of clues to reveal parts of the map. You could even make your own compass with a bowl of water, piece of cork and a magnetised needle. Hours of fun and a good learning experience.

We would love to hear about your staycations at home.

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