Geography Field Trips Made Easy At Kingswood

Inspire and immerse your students in some of the best human and physical geography field studies locations in the UK. Our Geography field work programme has been designed by former Geography teacher, Jonny Thelwell. Find out more about our programmes with top tips from Jonny on how to run a successful field trip.

Why choose Kingswood for your next field trip

Kingswood take students up into the mountains, forests and rivers or to explore ever-changing coastlines and urban and rural environments. All field work is planned meticulously to save schools time. Our specialist instructors have exceptional knowledge of our environments, leading and teaching large or small groups of students every step of the way.

And what’s included?

High-quality teaching by experienced instructors. Students get hot food, fresh air, fun activities, transport to brilliant locations, data collection, the thrill of the outdoors. More specialist teaching, support with data presentation using G.I.S software, and investigation write-ups. More hot food, fun and crazy adventure activities like zip wiring, climbing abseiling, or even bush-craft.

Do’s and don’ts of fieldwork?

Don’t forget your waterproofs and high energy snacks for walking in the mountains! Do ask questions, take photos, look, listen, smell, touch… engage with your environment. The more questions students ask our instructors the higher quality their fieldwork results will be.

Is KS3 too soon to start field work learning?

No never! It’s never too soon to take our young people outdoors to experience the fresh air and beauty of wild environments. The earlier students enjoy the great outdoors the earlier they develop an appreciation of the great British countryside and what needs to be done to protect it. If anything KS3 is too late! Let’s encourage our kids to enjoy fieldwork as early as possible. Start by collecting bugs and leaves in the back garden.

What are Kingswood’s GCSE and A-Level trips like?

Our specialist team lead your students through each aspect of their fieldwork from start to finish leaving ‘no stone unturned!’ Students are supported at GCSE yet carefully guided at A-Level with independent NEA investigations. We laugh, learn and enjoy each moment. Our fieldwork is lead with a sense of humour even if the British rain comes!

Field trips are so worthwhile, whenever I returned to school after taking my students on a residential, they always asked me ‘When are we going on our next field trip Sir!?