Enhance your residential with the Kingswood Confidence Tracker

The Kingswood Confidence Tracker is a new, free, tool that will enhance your residential trip.

A residential trip is an exciting time, but it can often be stressful for teachers and schools especially when looking to evidence the time away from the classroom. With ever-increasing financial pressure on schools, we need to find ways to make a trip to Kingswood an essential part of the academic year.

Our Confidence Tracker is a unique tool created in partnership with our insight specialists, Spike and with counsel from Dr Alice Jones Bartoli and Professor Justin Dillon to help schools evidence and evaluate the success of a trip.

Why use the confidence tracker?

Much of the Ofsted framework can be achieved within the school or classroom setting, but some areas like ‘challenge and risk’ and developing character education areas such as confidence are trickier. This is where the Confidence Tracker supports educators to evidence the powerful outcomes of a residential Kingswood trip.

Not only that, but it's a great take-home to share with parents or carers, giving them a chance to see the impact the residential has on young people.

How does it work?

We've kept it simple. There are two steps that will be required for you to complete and then we will share a customised report of the impact of your trip. We will email you with guidance every step of the way, and we've kept the process short and sweet, so you can focus on the benefits of the trip.

The Confidence Tracker is free and can easily form a wider project on character education or development without taking too much time.


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