"Embracing Outdoor Adventure" by Dr John Allan - featured article in Teach Primary's annual 'Top School Trips' magazine.

The role of outdoor adventure in developing the skills children need to adapt to present difficulties and build capacity for the future.

In this article, published in Teach Primary's annual 'Top School Trips' magazine, Dr John Allan explains the crucial role that outdoor adventure plays in cultivating essential skills in children, preparing them to confront and overcome future challenges.

Learning new skills in childhood is fundamental to human development. These skills come in many forms – from physical movement to reading, writing, and listening. Despite facing increasing workload demands, teachers are the people who need to come up with innovative ideas to build and extend children’s learning, sparking their interest and full engagement while ensuring diversity and inclusivity of practices.

This challenge comes at a time when primary school children’s physical literacy levels have not returned to pre-pandemic levels and their psychological well-being remains a significant area of concern...

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By Dr John Allan, Head of Learning & Impact at Inspiring Learning.


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