CYP Special Report: Outdoor Adventure

Dr John Allan joined the CYP Now podcast for a special report on outdoor adventures.

This month, Dr John Allan was invited onto the Children & Young People (CYP) Now Podcast to contribute to a special report on outdoor adventures. Along with representatives from UK Youth and Learning Outside the Classroom, the report covers the remarkable impacts of Kingswood's NCS Live It programme and how we can make OAE accessible to disadvantaged groups.

"It is a basic human requirement to have that access to natural spaces. It's the way that we learn best, through multi-sensory experience, and young people need that in order to identify who they are, why they are and that connection to the wider community."

Dr John Allan explains why access to natural spaces is a "basic human requirement", and joins David Watts from UK Youth and Anne Hunt from Learning Outside the Classroom to debate what can be done to help more disadvantaged children access outdoor adventures.

"The adventure element to what we do is crucial because it gives us that feeling of overcoming adversity and it's a grounding for fundamental motor skill development, working with others, sociability, brain growth..."

The special report on outdoor adventures begins at 24 minutes in.


Dr Dr John Allan, Inspiring Learning

David Watts, UK Youth

Anne Hunt, chief executive, Learning Outside the Classroom

Derren Hayes, editor, CYP Now

Fiona Simpson, online editor, CYP Now

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