Dr John Allan’s latest blog concerning the value of outdoor adventure learning for young people is featured on the SHU web-site.

A look at how learning in the natural world today helps children adapt to the challenges of tomorrow.

This article written by Dr John Allan and featured on the SHU web-site explores the value of outdoor adventure learning for young people and how it helps them adapt to the challenges of tomorrow.

These research findings have been peer reviewed for publication in the Mental Health and Well-being Special Edition of the acclaimed international Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning.

Inspiring Learning (IL) and Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) have established a unique academic partnership. This reciprocal relationship includes the appointment of IL’s Head of Learning and Impact, Dr John Allan as a Visiting Fellow to the university’s Institute of Education and Business School. There are a range of research projects and teaching and learning initiatives that will formulate this partnership. This includes vocational work experience opportunities for students, the establishment of PhD and Masters studentships evaluating the efficacy of Inspiring Learning’s adventure education programmes, joint research bids and guest lectures.
The partnership has already generated research outcomes. This includes the publication of an Impact Analysis of the highly successful National Citizenship Service series of Winter Residential Programmes delivered and evaluated by IL and SHU.

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By Dr John Allan, Head of Learning & Impact at Inspiring Learning