Adventurous Activities For May Half Term

It’s time for a very welcome week off. Are you looking for something a little bit more interesting to do with your family over the break? We have some exciting ideas to immerse yourselves in a unique adventure.


Give your group walk a purpose with Geocaching, a real life treasure hunt at locations near you. Geocaching is an opportunity to go exploring wherever you are; the goal is to find caches (or containers) filled with objects that other people have hidden. Using your smartphone’s GPS you can track the treasures which are often hidden under a bench, in a tree or stashed behind rocks. A fantastic way to discover places you never knew existed whilst having fun with the family, and you can even hide your own treasure in different locations for others to find! Check out, the official website, to find cache locations near you.

Treehouse adventure

Treehouses are a great way to experience a new, quirky outdoor space and feel like you’re in a storybook! There are plenty of locations across the UK offering great family stays with adventure, where you can stay in the centre of the woods and relax in the quiet whilst keeping the children busy with activities in the day. Or for more of a staycation, experiment with your own outdoor space and drape some curtains, fill it with pillows and hang up fairy lights for a spring evening vibe.


Feeling daring? Seek out a sense of freedom with watersports. From kayaking and canoeing to white water rafting and windsurfing, watersports are a great way to try something new, have a great laugh and bond with the family, making great memories from your half term. Watersports locations are finding their way to cities, so this isn’t just restricted to those who live by the sea. Find a nearby location, get out altogether and breathe in that freshwater air.

Strawberry picking

It’s berry season, and the strawberry fields are now open to the public. On a sunny afternoon, turn strawberry picking into a healthy competition - see how many you can each get or who can get the biggest. Then try out new and delicious recipes when you get back home. Our favourites are strawberry cake, trifle and the classic strawberries and cream!

Mini bike tour

Speed over the ground and explore new places with a family bike tour. Allow children to explore new places, and see new things. Simply pack some food and maybe even a quiz about your new area and hop on a bike. Don't worry if you don't have a bike, you can rent them for a day allowing the whole family to try something new. Live in a city? Why not rent a bike from the council and explore some local parks or the seaside.

Build a bug hotel

This is perfect for little children and older ones alike. Bug hotels help increase the biodiversity of the outdoors while teaching your children about nature - and keeping them busy. Plus this is a great rainy day activity, as you can make the bug hotels indoors and leave them outside to see which little critters may appear.

Looking for an even bigger adventure?

Our sister site Camp Beaumont offers excellent May half-term fun, with over 50 activities including archery, football, and tennis, their multi-activity programme will ensure your child learns new skills, makes new friends and enjoys their best half-term break yet.