Active Revision: How to Combat the Pressures of Exam Time

How to Combat the Pressures of Exam Time

Being a teenager can be stressful. Add exams to the mix, and for those in Years 10 and 11 with exams looming, the pressure is real! Many GCSE subjects are assessed purely by exam, and we all know from our own experiences that some young people fare better than others. It’s not necessarily due to the amount of revision completed. Some will know in advance that they will find it incredibly challenging or perhaps they will find out on the day; but however they perform, the results will affect their future choices and possible career paths. 

The Department for Education has predicted that GCSE grades will be lower this year than in 2022 and closer to pre-pandemic grades. There will be no modifications, advance information or reduced syllabus for any exam board. Exams are arguably getting tougher once again. Whether or not this is a fair way of assessing the merits of each student in 2023 is debatable. Sitting for hours at a desk in a silent exam hall; your academic performance over two to three years decided in just a few hours… It's no wonder some feel overwhelmed and anxious. 

Girl sitting on the floor with headphones around her neck, pen in hand and surrounded by books

The internet, social media and mobile devices allow us to access a wealth of information, which can be so useful for study. We are more connected, informed and empowered than ever before, but there are also negative impacts. For teenagers, the pressure to perform, the endless sources for research and also the constant distractions of checking messages and social media notifications can lead to a technology reliance or addiction; which in turn can have a detrimental effect on physical and mental health, anxiety, fatigue and depression.

Kingswood has developed a structured outdoor activity residential called Active Revision to  support and help secondary school and sixth form students at this critical time to prepare for their exams. Offered at 11 UK locations, this valuable three-day programme aims to alleviate the stress of exam time and encourage young people along the ‘ready to learn’ path. With half of each day spent on focused self-study and the other half releasing energy outdoors, participants begin to feel more productive, energised and resilient while away from the distractions of home life. Being in a new environment and surrounded by nature has proven mental health and well-being benefits, which can stimulate the brain and promote learning. Less time spent on tech and more time focussing on active fun and revision, students will feel more relaxed and confident in their own abilities.

Teenager on a high ropes course, surrounded by trees

Outdoor education residentials provide a sense of excitement, adventure and motivation which can’t be replicated in the classroom. Sharing ideas and knowledge with peers, talking about worries and concerns with teachers; there is greater freedom to make these connections while away from home and school, and the academic and social benefits will last long after the trip has finished. 

A group of young people leaping in the air in the outdoors

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from an Active Revision residential is the newly learned ability to fully focus on a planned revision session. You can be so productive if the distractions are limited! Learning time is reduced yet more effective, giving you more time to take those crucial screen-free breaks, look after yourself, take time off to do something fun, active and social. By overcoming your exam anxieties, you can focus on getting the very best results.

This 3 day / 2 night programme, with all meals included is being offered from just £89pp+VAT for a minimum of 15 students. Book now to optimise the benefits of Active Revision on your students: 0800 655 6564