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Sometimes it's the little, unexpected things that give the young people that visit us the biggest sense of achievement. It might be the experiential education that we provide, breaking down the barriers of a more formal classroom environment that allows whole classes to bond and be captivated over just one session, the shyest to shine as leaders and the unmotivated to become the most enthusiastic about developing a new skill. We feel passionate about giving these experiences to as many young people as possible. It's why we do what we do.

By understanding your objectives we are better able to design a programme to help you achieve them. We encourage a shared approach to planning residentials and we continuously strive to make our experiences impactful for all of the young people and teachers we welcome to our centres.

Build your programme

Our online programme builder tool will give you a good idea of how we design your adventure. By telling us a bit about your group, your objectives and your preferences we will give you a sample idea of what you can expect on your Kingswood experience.

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Special interest programmes

Your selected programme from your chosen special interest will act as a theme for your visit, and will be scheduled into your Kingswood adventure along with your selection of learning outcomes and activity preferences.

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Learning outcomes

We are absolutely committed to helping all young people get the most from our residential programmes. We have an experienced team across our centres and in our support areas to help teachers plan, deliver and transfer our powerful learning opportunities. With each Kingswood adventure, you have the opportunity to select up to three of our suggested learning outcomes, which enable us to tailor our activity sessions to maximise their impact for your group.

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Team workCommunication    Problem solvingResilienceLeading and supporting

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Challenge and riskSelf-confidenceMotivationEnvironmental awarenessLearning a skill

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Activity sessions

We have grouped our activities into categories, of which you can select up to three. Your selected categories will not restrict your programme, but they inform us of your activity preferences, which we will aim to programme for you alongside a varied selection of other sessions. Through these activities we will help you achieve the learning outcomes you have highlighted as your objectives.

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