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We’re celebrating the unique beauty of trees – put your knowledge to the test with our quiz!

From the deep woodlands of North Wales to the vast greenery of the Peak District, we’re spoilt for choice with the stunning natural landscapes of each of our nine centres based across the UK, and one in France.

Try out our quiz below to find out if your tree knowledge is up to scratch or if you’re a secret Tree Surgeon in the making!

If you’ve visited Kingswood before, you might even recognise some. All of these trees can be found at selected UK centres!

Which Kingswood tree are you?

1. What type of tree is this?
2. What type of tree is this?
3. What type of tree is this?
4. What type of tree is this?
5. What type of tree is this?

How many did you get right?

1-2 You are a weeping Willow

Explore more of Kingswood on your next visit to get more points.  

3-4 You are an apple tree

Not bad, you smart apple!

5 You are a wise oak tree

Wow! Excellent tree knowledge. Make sure to come back and discover more of our nature on centre.