We did it! Our London Marathon runners' story

We were thrilled to see our four London Marathon runners complete this ultimate challenge last Sunday, and all with incredible times!

Our runners would like to thank everyone who got involved with fundraising and sponsored them for two great causes, if you haven’t done so yet, you could still donate as charity pages close on 23rd May 2017!

Here one of our runners, Holly Harvey talks about her Marathon experience.

Holly's London Marathon story

If I had to sum up my London Marathon experience in one word it would have to be… overwhelmed. I am so pleased and elated that I completed one of the most famous marathons in the world. I was 1 in 39,487 runners that took to the streets of London on Sunday 23rd April 2017, what an incredible figure! This once in a lifetime opportunity was an emotional rollercoaster for me, you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face when I ran across Tower Bridge however, you could not stop me crying when I crossed the finish line (how embarrassing!)

I was inundated with support before the race, so many people wishing me the best of luck and the crowd during the run were so loud: this really helped me power through to the end. Remembering all the messages I received kept me going as there were some occasions where I could not see myself finish, these thoughts happened during mile 19 to 23 and you might have found me walking and running during this period. I regained my confidence when I found some familiar faces near the finish line and I could see I only had 10 more minutes to run.

I did meet my guardian angel at mile 25 when a lady came running beside me telling me to lift my head up and push my arms forward. She then encouraged me to run past fellow runners and to keep my pace consistent with only 1.2 miles to go. I am certain that if she did not appear I would have continued to walk and run the rest of the way. I have since discovered (through official photos) that this lady was not an official runner and was simply a spectator who saw I was struggling and got me to the finish line with a new found energy.

In total I have raised £1,765.95 for The Scouts Association. Thank you to everyone who has donated, it really means so much to me and this money will support over 450,000 young people gain confidence and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

In summary, I would encourage everyone to take part in the London Marathon. I will never forget all the support I received and the kindness of strangers on the day. The medal is pretty spectacular too!

Well done to Stevie G, Steve and Rob for their amazing efforts in completing this challenge! We were a fantastic team and thank you to the cheerleading squad for supporting us on the day too.

Thank you, Holly.

Running for The Scout Association...

For over 100 years, Scouting has fuelled futures, fired young people's imaginations and helped shape the future of society. As the largest mixed volunteer-led Movement for young people in the UK, The Scout Association works with over 450,000 young people each year and donations are vital to help them continue their great work.

You can read more about our new partnerships with the Scouts here, or sponsor our runners via their personalised fundraising pages below...

Holly Harvey

Marketing Executive, Kingswood
Running for The Scout Association

Please help Holly fundraise for The Scout Association here.

Steve Anderson

Group Activities Manager, Kingswood
Running for The Scout Association

Please help Steve A fundraise for The Scout Association here.

Steve Goodwin

Operational Standards Manager, Kingswood
Running for the Scout Association

Please help Steve G fundraise for The Scout Association here.

Running for YoungMinds...

YoungMinds champion children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing across the UK. Driven by their experiences, YoungMinds campaign, research and influence policy and practice. They also provide expert knowledge to professionals, parents and young people through their Parents Helpline, online resources, training and development, projects with young people and work in schools.

You can read more about our partnership with YoungMinds here or sponsor our runner below...

Rob Ashley

Head of Operations, Kingswood
Running for YoungMinds

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