If you’re thinking about being more adventurous in 2019, we’ve got 5 ways to help nurture resolutions and to encourage active lifestyles. Here’s to making adventure a priority in 2019… how very exciting!

1. Find your motivation

Once you know what’s been holding you back, then you can work on resolving it. Make 2019 your year to set adventure goals and take the leap. Have you been fearful, not had enough time, felt like you couldn’t do it, well… it’s over to you to create your next adventure. Imagine how great you will feel when you’ve achieved your goals.

2. Create your big picture, but start small

Now that you’re ready for new adventures, it helps to create an image in your mind of your ultimate adventure - whether that’s discovering the small villages of Southern Italy or tackling Mount Everest! Why not?! And then starting small, by exploring a new park or new town, makes it more achievable to get to your big picture. You may want to discover interesting places with your family, or go it solo. Then, the next step could be your first mini expedition, what will yours be?

3. Fitness is key

For lots of adventurers out there, fitness is key to helping them reach their goals. Fitness isn't just about reaching a peak physical state - you can gain a sense of strength by nurturing yourself mentally as well as physically. From practising mindfulness to regular exercise, maintaining your fitness levels can enable you to truly enjoy your adventure and experience even more – and just feel great!

4. Sign up for a challenge

A good way to keep motivated is to have a challenge in sight. From short fun runs to the biggies such as the London Marathon or even the New York Marathon, signing up for a challenge is a wonderful way to develop your fitness level as well as setting the intention to have a new adventure.  

5. Make it fun

Adventures don’t all need to be about pushing our bodies to the extreme, you may have a desire to discover cuisine from around the world, and learn how to cook new recipes whilst meeting new friends and experiencing different cultures. We’ll have some of that!

We would love to hear about you and your loved ones 2019 adventures, send your updates to adventures@kingswood.co.uk. We will also be sharing ours, keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter.