School holidays - a great time for parents to #Take20 with their children

For many parents, the school holidays provide new opportunities to spend time with their children, visiting new places and trying new things – it is an invaluable time to talk and reconnect as a family.

It is at this time we are reminded of our charity partner YoungMinds’ #Take20 initiative launched last year. #Take20 is campaigning for all parents to dedicate just 20 minutes per week to a shared activity with their child, creating a relaxed space to allow your child to talk about their feelings and explore difficult topics of conversation. So, why not use the school holidays to find a new activity to enjoy with your children?

YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity fighting for young people’s mental health. According to their research, on average, three children in every classroom have a diagnosable mental health problem, and many more go through periods when they struggle to cope.

Jo Hardy, Head of Parent Services at YoungMinds, said:

“While many parents do an incredible job supporting their children, it isn’t always easy for children to tell their parents if there are problems at school, on social media or in their relationships with friends. 
“By carving out 20 minutes a week to do an activity which allows you to talk about serious subjects, parents can start those conversations early and stay involved with their child if they’re struggling to cope.”

YoungMinds has created an online hub, packed with ideas, resources and advice to help parents get started. Here are our favourite resources.

Start with…20 Activities for 20 Minutes
Your activity could be anything you both enjoy, here are 20 fantastic ideas for inspiration from going for a walk together, cooking, playing sports to building a fort!

Open up…Starting the conversation
To get the conversation started, here are some open-ended questions from general conversation starters to more serious topics and prompts to keep the conversation going.

Seeking extra support…What to do next
Now your child has opened up to you, what do you do next? If your child is struggling, you are not alone in supporting them. YoungMinds have lots of resources to help parents support their children.