Your Kingswood Spring Watch guide

As advocates for learning in the great outdoors, spring is one of our favourite times of year at our centres. If you look closely, you can see little signs of spring popping up all over the place, which get us excited for our spring residential school trips.

Our favourite signs of spring at Kingswood

Our activity centres are brimming with wildlife and breathtaking natural habitats. Here are our favourite nature spots at our UK centres.

Grosvenor Hall is known for it’s hundreds of varieties of trees, thanks to the arborist who originally owned the house and we just love watching all those leaves turn green!

At West Runton we get down to the beach as soon as the weather gets warmer and look out for signs of sealife – wales, dolphins and porpoises have been spotted just off the coast


At Peak Venture, we know its springtime when our wild bluebells are in bloom! We also love watching the trees turn green, we've planted over 200 new trees in the past 4 years, all donated by the Woodland Trust.

The lake at Colomendy comes alive in spring with frogs and toads and a kingfisher visits to feed. We also have resident badgers on centre!

Nothing says spring like butterflies and the Norfolk Broads, just a stone's throw from Overstrand Hall is home to a number of rare species.

Northumberland, home to Dukeshouse Wood was described as a "bird watcher's paradise" by the Daily Telegraph and spring migration is an excellent time to see some rare breeds.

The former Earth Centre, Dearne Valley is a perfect location for nature spotting and is home to swans, ducks, snakes, deers, otters, minx, squirrels - even the occasional red squirrel too!

The Isle of Wight is brimming with wildlife  from red squirrels, to foxes, badgers and buzzards

Signs of spring to look out for wherever you are


Spring has officially sprung when these bright little flowers appear in parks and gardens from late February to early April.


These delicate white flowers start popping up as early as January and are sometimes hidden in the snow


Keep an eye on the trees down your street, you may start to see blossom. Cherry blossom can be seen as early as December.


Nothing says spring like the sound of buzzing bees! The first bees you see in March and April are the queens looking for early flowers and a place to set up their colony for the year ahead.


Summer is peak butterfly season, but bright yellow brimstone butterflies can be seen on warm days in March 


Baby lambs are born in late winter or early spring so that they have plenty of fresh grass to eat in Spring. Look out for local farms where you can go and visit the baby lambs or even see them being born!

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