Kingsley has chosen his favourite stories of kindness

Thank you so much to everyone who entered Kingwood's nice list. Kingsley enjoyed reading about everyone's acts of kindness and hopes that 2017 will be just as nice!

Our winner is...DANIEL

Daniel, 10, is a young carer and looks after his mum at home, as she is unwell.  This year, he has set up a young carers' group in school, which is now attended by 10 other children who are in a similar position to him.  He has organised the group, and leads each session.  The activities he has planned have included cooking, space to do homework, games, and circle times for others to talk about any things that are going on at home.  He has led the group really well, and is a credit to his school. Well done Daniel, we hope you enjoy your residential! 

In second place...Megan

Megan, 14, has taken it upon herself to raise the profile of refugees in Syria and organised a school wide collection of items which were then collected by a local charity and transported across to affected areas, to reach children of her age. She then launched a campaign on social media to collect items for a local homeless charity and children affected by homelessness in Liverpool. She collected these items and then took them to the Whitechapel centre herself in time for Christmas. We think Megan is great for helping such a wonderful cause!

Here are some more of our favourite stories...

Harry, 13, helps his Nan with cleaning and shopping. He has also been voted the top scout by his group for his friendliness and sense of humour which they say is hilarious!

Max, 7, has been growing his hair for 2 years and recently has had it shaved off for the Little Princess Trust. With his sponsored haircut and bake sale he made a £300 donation as well as his hair.

After a Key Stage 2 assembly about 'kindness' Molly, 7, asked if she could make each class a Christmas tree decoration in our Special Educational Needs Primary School. As a class we made salt dough decorations, painted them and added glitter. Once dry Molly delivered them with a huge smile on her face and spread lots of Christmas cheer to many other people in our school community

Alice, 12, is a Diversity Ambassador and works tirelessly to create a more inclusive and welcoming atmosphere in the school. She has worked on projects which have encouraged students to share Random Acts of Kindness with each other, as well as arranging for students to send messages of hope to one another to brighten their week.

Sienna, 11, completed an all-day sponsored silence for Children in Need this year. She managed to stay silent for the whole of the school day! This was quite an achievement as she normally doesn't stop talking!

Toby, 9, spent the month of November raising money for the Movember UK charity in memory of his grandfather who lost his 3rd battle wth cancer in 2014. Each day in November,a photograph of Toby dressed as a person from a different country was shared on Twitter (@minimobros) and Facebook (Will's Movember) to spread awareness of Men's Health Issues and to raise vital funds. Toby, who is usually quite shy, dressed in everything from lederhosen to turbans to try to appeal to people everywhere. In the 30 days of "Movember" he managed to raise over £7,500 for this charity. He called this adventure his "Virtual World Tour". Here are a few of his Movember outfits.

Romilly, 6, initiated a lovely act of kindness by suggesting that people donate any good quality clothes for the Syrian refugees. Her Mum and Dad helped her to collect boxes of clothes and delivered them to Brighton ready for shipping to the refugee camps in North France.

Jacob, 8, is always very helpful, especially as chief babysitter to his younger sister and cousins. He has so much patience with them, and teaches them how to do new things all the time. He is always able to make them laugh and smile when they are sad.

Etienne, 16, volunteers each week to help run a youth group for local young people aged 9-13. He helps do the register, talks to the children to make them feel welcome, runs games for them and sometimes also helps with tuck shop. He is kind and helpful and has in the past helped with a weekly foodbank food collection from a local supermarket.