Meet our Marathon runners...Holly Harvey

This year Kingswood are entering four runners in the London Marathon to raise funds and awareness for our amazing chosen charity, YoungMinds, and our partners, The Scout Association. Here we catch up with one of our runners, Holly Harvey to find out how her training and preparation is going.


Introducing Holly Harvey...

Holly is one of three Kingswood runners running for The Scout Association. Holly has been working for Kingswood since 2014, previously as Receptionist and Executive Assistant, she now works as Marketing Executive.


Holly Harvey

Marketing Executive, Kingswood
Running for The Scout Association

Please help Holly fundraise for The Scout Association here.

It’s less than 5 weeks until the London Marathon! How are you feeling about it?

 Very nervous but excited. It’s a very long time to be running for and I have always said there is plenty to watch on Netflix rather than run for 5+ hours! The main piece of advice I have received from previous London Marathon runners is to look up and enjoy it, therefore, I am looking forward to running past the Queen’s balcony!

What kind of training have you been doing?

I have been following a training plan with my running club since November. I have really enjoyed running with other people who share past Marathon experiences about what to do and what not to do.

What does it mean to you to be running for the Scout Association?

I am very thankful to be given this opportunity to run the London Marathon for the Scouts Association. I was a Brownie and they teach how to develop skills including teamwork, self-confidence and commitment. Team spirit is what is needed to complete the London Marathon and I am really looking forward to running with Stevie G, Steve and Rob.

I hope our Scouts team help each other throughout the race and gain the ultimate badge in the form of the London Marathon medal.

Have you run in any events like this before?

I have never run a Marathon before, however, I have ran three half marathons. At home I have a serious medal collection and it’s becoming a little bit obsessive. Gaining the medal at the end of the race makes the long runs worth it and shows you how much you have achieved. 

What motivates you as a runner?

 The sense of achievement is what motivates me as a runner. Every race I take part in there is always such a great atmosphere and the crowd really do carry you to the end. Getting over the finish line is such a great relief and makes all the worry beforehand unimportant.

 What is the best/ most rewarding thing about running in events like this?

 If you can drag your family and friends out of bed for the early morning races – that is what is rewarding. Having support in the crowd makes me smile immediately and for a brief moment you forget how long you have left in the run. I have also inspired some friends to take up running and they too have obsessions with medal collecting now.

 What is your top tip for marathon runners in training?

 As a first timer I am not sure I have the best tips however, in my experience eating well the night before and having a good breakfast really sets you up well for the long run.

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