According to the British Council, roughly 500,000 people travel to the UK each year to learn English. Learning a language in its country of origin is so beneficial, especially at times when you don’t realise you are actually learning and practicing, for example, when ordering food or asking for directions. A trip to Kingswood offers so many of these immersive moments; on arrival, when taking part in exciting activities, during meal times and chatting by the campfire.

Visiting another country gives young people so many additional life lessons on top of improving their language skills. At Kingswood, we greet young guests from over 35 different countries every year, and our adventures provide a wonderful opportunity for them to meet other people from all over the world whilst learning about British culture and different ways of conversing at our UK based centres.

Taking part in our activities also contributes to life skill development in young people, with confidence building activities such as abseiling for the first time, to problem solving with students from around the world.

Over the years we are also proud to have fine-tuned our formula of English language learning which combines outdoor adventure, going on historic and cultural excursions and staying in an immersive residential environment with classroom-based learning.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what a survey of 2,243 international students who stayed at Kingswood in 2017 think:

  • 91% said lessons were fun and interesting
  • 88% said they can speak more English
  • 92% said the activities were interesting and fun
  • 93% said excursions were interesting and fun

Every international student is given a Learning Journal during their stay, which includes language to help them during their stay, a self-assessment section as well as pages for them to reflect on their stay and list new words they have learnt. Plus, on course completion our international guests receive an attendance certificate of the English Language Course and a report on their progress.

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