How the outdoors can help with revision

Exams are soon approaching and the pressure of achieving high grades can have a big impact on a young person’s mental health. Our charity partner YoungMinds have produced a fantastic ‘exam self-care’ guide that we really champion.

We are firm believers that getting outdoors during times like these reduces stress, motivates you and is an excellent way to bring subjects to life; all of which are integral to our revision programme at Kingswood.

Here are our top five ways students can use their local outdoor environments to help them succeed with revision:

1. Stay positive

To succeed in anything a positive mind-set is key. The outdoors provides the space and freedom to think more clearly and reflect and won’t make you feel like you’re cooped up inside.

2. Re-energise and keep active

Feeling sluggish from hours of sitting at a desk means you’ll struggle to energise the mind to remember lots of facts. Use breaks to go for walks, breathe in fresh air and clear your mind, meaning that when you return to studying you will feel ready to focus again.

3. Create a study area outdoors

Taking revision outside (weather dependant) and just by sitting on the grass on a sunny day, can make it all feel less daunting. Try being creative with the space too. Take a blanket, some pillows and a speaker if revising to music is your thing – just don’t procrastinate too much by focussing on making your environment pretty.

4. Visualisation

Repeatedly studying a particular topic in the same outdoors environment can help memory recall by visualising where you were, what was happening around you and what you studied.

5. Working with your peers

Discussing subjects away from distractions in a local park can be really effective in remembering important content, and will remind you that you’re in this together.

These are just some of the benefits of taking learning outdoors during exam and revision period. To take this even further, consider a revision residential – the perfect way to motivate young people for their upcoming exams.

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