Could you pass a SATs exam?

How do you think you would fair in a SATs exam? We decided to test ourselves to see if we could answer some of the Maths and English questions 11 year olds face during their SATs. The verdict? We feel for them. Good luck to all 11 year olds preparing to sit their SATs exams.  

Can you answer these 10 SATs questions? Let us know how many you get on our Facebook page. We’ve added the answers to the bottom of this page (no cheating!).

1.     Write three factors of 30 that are not factors of 15.

2.     A square number and a prime number have a combined total of 22. What are the two numbers?
        Square number = ____ + Prime number = ____

3.     What is 6 + 8 x 2?

4.     What is 4/6 x 3/5?

5.     In a class of 30 pupils, 40% are girls. How many in the class are boys?

6.     Which part of this sentence is a subordinate clause?
        We stop playing when the whistle blows.

7.     What is the subject of the sentence below?
        On Wednesday, Mary plans to meet Sarah in Manchester.

8.     Which one prefix can be added to all three of these words below to make their antonyms?
        Secure; active; complete

9.     Where does the apostrophe go in this sentence?
        The dog ate Karens plants.

10.    Rewrite the underlined verb in the sentence below so it is in the present progressive.
         I taught my sister to skateboard.

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Answers: Q1. 2, 6, 10 - Q2. 9 + 13 - Q3. 22 - Q4. 2/5 - Q5. 18 - Q6. When the whistle blows - Q7. Mary - Q8. In - Q9. Karen’s - Q10. Am teaching