The 7th March 2019’s World Book Day has arrived and it truly is one of the most creative days of the year - with children dressed as weird and wonderful characters from their favourite books. This day also highlights how important reading is for the imagination, creativity and development. But why is reading so important? 

We caught up with secondary school teacher, Chloe McCart, who shared her thoughts on why every child should read…

“Time is the biggest issue for reluctant readers and unfortunately, young people are used to things happening instantly. With social media you get instant likes etc. but this means you want everything to happen instantaneously. Reading is a great habit. It helps in building vocabulary and young people can admire different writing styles." 

Chloe went on to say… “Creativity is what a young person can achieve from reading. They don’t know the characters, they don’t know the locations described in the books, and they are able to fill that void and you get to flex your brain by assigning different faces, different voices to the characters. Creativity grows when thinking about castles and the hallways and the battle grounds and seas, and how a young person would imagine them."

In the spirit of reading more and creating life-changing adventures, this World Book Day we’re celebrating famous adventurers from much-loved children’s literature. 

Here’s our top five (in no particular order):

Robin Hood

We all know he took from the rich to give to the poor, but what an adventure this heroic outlaw had along the way. Sherwood Forest is visited by thousands of people each year thanks to the historic association with the legend, Robin Hood.

Peter Pan

The boy who never grew old also never grew tired of adventures! He is the epitome of being a free spirit, and he can fly! We rely on our zipwires for that! Such an inspiration for all who are young at heart.

Alice in Wonderland

This jovial lass’ curiosity got her into a whole world of trouble when she followed a rabbit down a hole; took advice from a caterpillar, and played croquet with the Queen of Hearts - but what an adventure.

Famous Five

The Famous Five has recently enjoyed a renaissance with this fantastic novel is about Julian, Dick, Anne and Georgina – and their dog Timmy – who go on the most thrilling adventures many kids dream about.

Harry Potter

Did you know it took J.K Rowling’s novel Harry Potter received lots of rejections before it finally got published? One of the most successful adventure fantasy series of today, Harry Potter will no doubt be a huge hit on World Book Day.

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