Kingswood win Best Educational Product at the British Youth Travel Awards!

Best Edu Product Winner
Best Edu Product Winner

We were absolutely thrilled to win Best Educational Product at the British Educational Travel Association's awards' event. We strive to deliver powerful learning opportunities through outdoor adventure experiences, and winning an award for Best Educational Product is a wonderful recognition of our hard work, passion and innovation in this field.

We believe that a brilliant residential should be seen as a fundamental part of a well-rounded education. We love what we do. Over the past 30 years, we have been delivering life changing learning outside the classroom experiences, which have a measurable impact and provide a vehicle that influences the futures of thousands of young people every year.

Learning is most effective when it’s fun. By emphasising the naturally occurring social and personal skills aspects of our activity sessions, the young people we inspire take away so much more than just great memories. It’s the experiential education that we provide that breaks down the barriers of a more formal classroom environment that allows the shyest to shine as leaders, whole classes to bond and the most unmotivated to become the most inspired about learning a new skill.

We use a mixture of engaging adventurous activities, reflection time and review/coaching sessions to develop character traits, attributes and behaviours. We aim to equip young people with new life skills, introduce them to a range of challenges and teach them how to be the best they can be.

Promoting positive personal, social and emotional skills is at the heart of everything we do and we explicitly link all of our exciting activities to ten inspirational learning outcomes that feature as key components in our session plans. Exposure to challenge and change is integral to the delivery of our ten learning outcomes:


Work constructively as a team member.



Communicate effectively with others during the activity.


Problem solving

Devise a plan, execute it and review its effectiveness in solving a problem.



Be able to demonstrate resilience through exposure to failures or setbacks.

Leading and supporting

Use clear communication skills and language as a group leader or supporter to others

Challenge and risk

React positively to challenges and manage appropriate risk taking.


Demonstrate self-confidence in themselves and show trust and support for others.


Be an enthusiastic and motivated group member.



Work constructively as a team member.

Learning a skill

Demonstrate a new skill or competence

These learning outcomes thread through our programme sessions which are made available to teachers prior to arrival to drive a collaborative approach to programme design. Teachers and group leaders are able to select their learning outcomes and tailor make bespoke programmes to suit their young people. Programmes can be created by teachers and group leaders directly using our innovative programme builder tool.

Thank you to every young person, teacher and group leader that has contributed to helping us continuously improve our residential experiences. We recognise that school is where the majority of learning takes place and we are committed to working in partnership with teachers to develop the very best outdoor learning experiences for young people.