Autumn days and winter warmers

Five reasons why outdoor adventure is worthwhile in the autumn term

Have you ever considered doing something a little bit different with your class to add some excitement to the autumn and winter months? What about a residential experience with team building activities, a chance to be outdoors and have a fun adventure?

Spending time outdoors adds great value at all points of the year, not just in the summer. With endless chances for pupils to build character and make ‘school trip’ memories, here are our top five reasons why you should consider a residential adventure at the beginning of the academic year.  

They are cheaper than peak season

It’s true that residential trips are more popular in the summer, but opting to have the experience with your class out of peak season will mean you can get just as much out of your school trip whilst saving on the pennies.

The centres will be quieter and you’ll have more choice

By opting to do your school trip in the quieter months, you will have a greater choice of dates available. In addition, you will have more activities to choose from, so your experience can be as varied as possible. You’re also more likely to spend additional time with our dedicated and passionate team, who will have fewer groups to look after.  

Learning Away say that they believe the sooner a residential experience takes place in the school year, the greater the benefits.*

Apply the learnings to the rest of the year

A great reason to get out of the classroom environment early on in the school year and integrate the learnings with the curriculum. As your class expand their knowledge and engage with a whole new way of learning, their new skills and understandings can be reinforced throughout the remainder of the academic year. You could even set a theme for your trip for your class to keep in mind and to reflect on for a project when they get back into school.  

Increase resilience and boost confidence

Trying new things can be daunting for children. Whether they’re abseiling or having a go at archery, being cheered on by their peers will encourage participation and instil confidence in them which they will take back to the classroom. Also, if the weather turns out to be a bit drizzly, our staff will help the class to keep up momentum with the activities and build that resilience to the unpredictable British weather, showing them that they can overcome setbacks (and if it’s dry, we can all take a breath of fresh air on a crisp, sunny autumn day).

Set a good foundation for relationships

The emphasis on team building and integrating the groups within your class will have a positive impact on relationships throughout the rest of the year. New friendship groups will form as children discover common interests and share experiences. It is also a great way for teachers to get to know their class in another environment, learning new characteristics and seeing each individual grow by the end of the trip.

We’d love to welcome your class to Kingswood this autumn and winter.

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*Quotes and stats taken from: learningaway.org.uk