With each Kingswood adventure, your school or group have the opportunity to achieve three core learning outcomes; confidence, resilience and life skills.

Learning outcomes are embedded in all areas of our activity delivery and act as a theme for your visit, where every session will provide valuable lessons that contribute to the development of your young people.


Be able to demonstrate resilience through exposure to failures or setbacks.

Building resilience from a young age helps to equip young people for setbacks in their studies, work and all aspects of life. Sometimes called ‘stickability’ the ability to learn from failures and view them as positive opportunities for learning are key to our approach. We believe that those students equipped with a higher level of resilience find that they enter new situations with more confidence. Through the residential experience and our activities, we impart new skills and support young people to face new challenges which require determination and perseverance. Through progressive sessions participants build resilience and are better prepared for the next challenge, and the next…

"Our children have developed better skills in leadership and team work; they are more determined and resilient; great personal achievements!"


Demonstrate self-confidence in themselves and show trust and support for others.

A residential experience is invaluable in building individuals’ self-confidence and self-belief and supporting cohesion and a collective approach within groups. Within the new environment of our residential centres learners can find strengths they didn’t know they had and identify opportunities for reflection, boosting their confidence and engagement in their home community or school life. Quite often, through our broad curriculum of learning activities young people are forced to confront success, often to the surprise of themselves, peers and often their teachers and leaders!

"Kingswood gave my students a chance to grow – they developed their self-confidence & self-esteem during this week and more than they could have achieved in school"

Life skills

Achieve goals, adapt positively to change and see setbacks as opportunities to learn. 

Supported and controlled risk taking helps young people to prepare for challenges in life. We adhere to a clear philosophy of “challenge by choice” and encourage participants to expand their personal boundaries in a safe and supportive environment. Quite often the residential experience itself poses students with the biggest sense of social risk, or failing to complete a group problem solving task might be considered a risk too. Important life skills are developed when young people are faced with challenges; adapting positively to change is crucial. Our team inspires young people to see setbacks as opportunities to learn. Failure is often positive as it allows us to grow. We often hear that standing up and speaking in front of others was the biggest challenge experienced during our residential programmes. By the end of a young person’s stay many young people say their confidence to try something they wouldn’t have tried before has increased and they are able to understand the benefits of taking healthy risks whilst making sure they can consider the outcome of their actions.

"Your 'Challenge by Choice' ethos, in an exceptionally motivating and encouraging environment, had every student yearning for more..."

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