Our Earthcare programmes explore and learn from different landscapes and environments. Participants are challenged to work in project teams to physically explore the area and search for artefacts, using exciting fieldwork and critical thinking skills to argue for the conservation of an area of natural resources.


Suitable for

Primary schools

We work in partnership with you to tailor an outdoor education and adventure programme, with action-packed day time activities and an array of evening sessions.

Learning outcomes

If you’d like to, you can combine your programme with your choice of learning outcomes to maximise the impact for your pupils. The learning outcomes which naturally sit within this programme are:


Work constructively as a team member.

Learning a skill

Demonstrate a new skill or competence


Work constructively as a team member.




Pupils chart the wood’s physical features and investigate the intricacies of layering, plant structure and adaptation.


Pupils explore how human and physical processes interact to influence and change landscapes, including coastline erosion.


Participants visit a local river to observe, identify and measure the main processes affecting it, looking at width, depth and velocity.

Rocky Shore

Pupils search for creatures and wildlife in rock pools, learning about adaptation, ecosystems and zone exploration.