High V

This is an activity which has a strong element of Teamwork at its core. Developing trust within a group of participants whilst allowing them to experience a high level of challenge is key to the learning that takes place on ‘High V’. Group members climb this activity in pairs, whilst their other group members on the ground support them by belaying (controlling the safety rope as you would whilst rock climbing). Starting at the point of the ‘V’ each pair are challenged to move as far along the element as possible, leaning onto each other for support. Eventually they are utterly committed on each other as they work their way along, aspiring to reach the open end of the ‘V’ shaped element. This is easy (ish) at ground level, but ‘High V’ is, as the name suggests situated at 10 metres above the ground! Deliberately designed to focus the mind, this activity is excellent for older students, adults or those entering the workplace for the first time. It teaches some important lessons about how to work together, support others and provide good leadership and encouragement, but best of all it’s great fun, incredibly exciting and allows individuals to explore personal goals and set their own targets.

Please note that weight restrictions may apply.


Learning outcomes


Work constructively as a team member


Problem solving

Devise a plan, execute it and review its effectiveness in solving a problem.



Communicate effectively with others during the activity