CSI: Kingswood

Participants are challenged to solve the latest Kingswood crime using a range of forensic tests and their own intuition. Over the course of three sessions, participants take on the role of trainee Crime Scene Investigators as they are introduced to the fascinating world of forensic science and criminology. Having first visited the scene of the crime (the Kingswood safe) and determined the nature of the crime (a stolen computer key), participants must then study suspect statements, hunt out possible clues and use the very latest scientific techniques to identify the culprit.

Scientific tests employed to crack the crime include the use of microscopes, staining slides, ph, soil and grain analysis, fibre analysis, footprint casting and finger print dusting. Using their PowerPoint and ICT skills, students will present their findings during the final session and uncover the criminal master plan.

csi kingswood
csi kingswood

Learning outcomes


Work constructively as a team member.


Problem solving

Devise a plan, execute it and review its effectiveness in solving a problem.


Learning a skill

Demonstrate a new skill or competence