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To support you in every aspect of your trip, we offer a convenient and competitive travel service through our partner company, Britannia Coach Services. While some schools prefer to arrange their own transport to our centres, many prefer to take advantage of this service, saving time and money.

A safe journey

All drivers from our coach operators are experienced in transporting school groups, and have been through a DBS background check. Their vehicles are kept in top condition and meet all European safety standards as a minimum.

By land or sea

We also have links with trusted ferry companies for those visiting our Isle of Wight centre. For those visiting the Château, all transport is included.

Hassle free travel

When you book your visit to Kingswood, we will automatically send you a competitive transport quote tailored to your trip – so you won’t have to spend time shopping around. Just let us know if you’d like to take us up on the quote and we will do the rest.

Your transport quote

 Once you have booked your place at Kingswood, you will be contacted by Britannia Coach Services, our nominated coach provider for all Kingswood Centres across the UK and Europe. They will provide a personalised transport quote for your trip.

Britannia Coach Services work with a network of reputable coach companies, all of which have longstanding relationships with Kingswood and we require all operators to comply with BAPA code practice.

If you have received a transport quote, you can respond online at the link below or for transport enquires contact the transport team on 01603 309 373 or email enquiries@britanniacoachservices.co.uk

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