The new apprentice development programme, providing the skills for apprenticeship success

Kingswood is a proven and award-winning apprenticeship provider for hundreds of trainees entering the workplace every year. We have a success rate of over 80% for our own apprentices and this track record allows us to be confident that we can achieve the best for your staff, developing a positive approach to the working environment and developing the skills required to enhance progression, revolutionise retention and motivate delegates employed on programmes at whatever stage on their journey.

The Government has committed to three million new apprenticeship starts between now and 2020 that will be part funded by a new Apprenticeship Levy – this means that employers will have the opportunity to draw down their own funding directly to enable businesses to provide their own programmes, meeting the needs of their employees. As an accredited provider, Kingswood is one of the few organisations in its sector that have the status to provide apprentice training under the terms of the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and therefore comply with funding guidelines for employers. Coupled with our Adventure Activities License and our Quality Badge from the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, this puts us at the forefront of apprentice training providers in our field.

Who we are

At Kingswood, we are raising the bar to provide the very best personal development programmes for all types of learners from across the world. With over 30 years’ experience in delivering residential learning programmes we welcome over 165,000 learners from over 75 countries to our unique locations. We train hundreds of apprentices every year, providing the Outdoor Education Sector with qualified, experienced and professional staff. We employ the best to form our own teams on centre, who go on to deliver groundbreaking programmes themselves. This virtuous circle builds excellent learning environments for delegates to thrive and learn with us.

What we do

In a fast paced and ever-changing landscape, life skills are recognised as an important contributor to young peoples’ progress and future success. Of course academic achievement and technical skills are important but, at Kingswood we know that developing personal characteristics such as self-control and a positive reaction to change, along with healthy self-confidence and the motivation to overcome challenges are critical to success. Through participation in our groundbreaking programmes, we can offer delegates a truly unique opportunity, providing employers with an evidence base to support both short and long-term benefits to their staff as part of the apprenticeship process.

How it works

Research shows that by focusing on the key skills that make excellent employees, combined with real world learning experiences, our evidenced programmes accurately support staff development. By providing a fully immersive residential experience the impact of the programme is proven to deliver long lasting outcomes.

Using a deliberate blend of our indoor and outdoor learning resources, our programmes deliver a progressive series of new experiences and adventurous challenges which develop a practical awareness of the personal skills needed for effective employees and encourages appropriate and healthy risk taking and group collaboration, whilst maintaining a safe working and learning environment for all. By understanding your business needs, courses can be adapted to reflect outcomes that are important to different sectors and organisations.

Kick Start Careers utilises the powerful and internationally accepted MTQ48 psychometric questionnaire, developed to be used specifically with apprentice age learners. This mechanism allows a benchmark for positive behaviours to be measured and progression tracked alongside a coaching report for each learner which provides evidence of the ‘journey travelled’ and can be used by employers to analyse the measurable impact of the course on the workplace.

Four components of resilient behaviour


Emotional control:
I can manage my emotions and my response to others


I’ll do what it takes to keep my promises and achieve my goals


Learning from experience:
I’ll have a go. Even setbacks are opportunities for learning


In abilities:
I believe I have the ability to do it - or can acquire the ability

The programme

One, three and five day programmes available

During a full-board stay at one of our outdoor adventure centres, your apprentices will experience a selection of high-adrenaline, challenging and inspiring activity sessions. Throughout the programme, you can include a variety of self-run sessions to include company induction information or additional briefings to complement the full adventure programme.

The benefits

  • Improved performance, attainment, attendance, motivation and commitment
  • Positive behaviours, attitudes and increased well-being
  • Increased aspirations and employability
  • Increased openness to change
  • Increased staff retention and completion rates
  • Improved life skills and better informed choices

How resilience can improve results for your apprentices

Studies in the UK and Holland show that how people manage pressure, stress and challenge – often known as Mental Toughness or resilience - can account for up to 25% variation in attainment. Kick Start Careers is designed to increase performance by giving learners the understanding, tools and practical experience needed to manage these areas. From short term benefits such as better attendance, to encouraging apprentices to develop the lasting ‘can do’ attitude that they need in order to achieve their goals, there are plenty of positive impacts that can come from a more resilient mindset.  

The MTQ48 questionnaire

The Kick Start Careers programme is designed around the MTQ48 questionnaire, developed by AQR and Manchester Metropolitan University, which will be given to your learners to assess levels of Mental Toughness at the beginning and end of your residential. The assessment is comprised of 10 questions designed to measure the four components of resilient behaviour - Control, Commitment, Challenge and Confidence. Your group’s assessment outcomes will indicate areas of resilient behaviour that will be focused on throughout the programme with activities and challenges designed to encourage self-awareness.

Case studies

Kier Highways

"This year within Kier Highways we included an off site induction into our apprentices programme. From the word go we had fantastic support from the Kingswood team to help us scope and design a programme that met our needs. The programme had a range of activities that challenged the apprentices to reflect on their behaviours and how they tackle a task. From the moment we arrived on site at Dearne Valley the staff made us feel welcome and nothing was too much trouble for them. The instructors were skilled in keeping the apprentices focused and drawing out our learning outcomes from each task. During our time at Kingswood our 54 new apprentices went from shy individuals that didn't know anyone to confident apprentices who gave their views freely and had become a real team. We feel the event will set them up to go back to their workplace and succeed as the future of Kier Highways. Following this events success we have already I booked up for next year and this will become  a key part of our apprenticeship programme. Thank you to the Kingswood team for all their help and support."

Tracey Lucas, Learning and Development Manager, Kier Highways

National Grid

"National Grid were afforded an opportunity to find an alternative to its current training provider for outward bound and team building activities. Kingswood at Dearne Valley seemed an obvious solution due to its location, course provision and overall costs. Investing in our trainees and apprentices we look to bring together teamwork, communication, resilience in demanding environments, personal responses to workplace problems, applying a growth mind set and increasing awareness of how behaviours and actions impact on personal performance and others.

Kingswood met our expectations utilising their “Kickstart” programme to push all of our trainees beyond their comfort zones, to deliver on all of our training and learning objectives. The facilities as a whole were magnificent with highly skilled and professional staff to round off a highly rewarding experience where no ask was too difficult. The training staff were thoroughly engaging with our apprentices and at no point were we in any doubt as to their professionalism, knowledge and expertise as they coached and mentored our young apprentices to achieve their goals and expectations for success during the week."

New Talent Development Specialist, National Grid

Areas of focus which improve performance

Positive thinking

Stop thinking you can’t and replace it with “I can!”

Goal setting

Learning how to break down challenges and turn them into something which is achievable

Anxiety control

Learn how not to panic and to deal with anxiety


See the challenge and the situation in a positive light

Attention control

Focus on doing what we need to do and avoid distraction

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