Adventure & Adventure Plus

Combining a variety of activity sessions, from aerial adventures to fun problem solving initiatives, you’ll enjoy a daily programme of adventure experiences which encourage your pupils to bond and work together as a team. We’ll work closely with you to build your programme from our range of physically and mentally challenging activities, tailored to the age of your pupils to provide you with an exciting and memorable outdoor adventure.

Whether you would like to create your own activity program, or let the experts do it for you, both Adventure and Adventure Plus are designed to ensure that you achieve your desired learning outcomes, whilst offering each child an opportunity to increase their resilience, grow their confidence and develop their character.


Our most versatile program, Adventure is the perfect choice if you are looking for a diverse and pre-built activity program that covers all aspects of the curriculum. Our Adventure activity program features a mix of daily activities, evening educational entertainment and dedicated time with the Course Director for each child to engage in all aspects of the curriculum and reflect on their learning.

Alternatively, Adventure Plus allows you to tailor-make your own activity program to achieve your specific learning outcomes. So, if you would like to create your own program of activities, then our Adventure Plus program is the one for you. Simply let us know your desired outcome and we will work with you to create the perfect activity program for your needs.

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Suitable for

Primary schools

Secondary schools

Non-school groups

Learning outcomes

If you’d like to, you can combine your programme with your choice of learning outcomes to maximise the impact for your pupils. The learning outcomes which naturally sit within this programme are:


Demonstrate self-confidence in themselves and show trust and support for others.


Be able to demonstrate resilience through exposure to failures and overcoming difficult challenges.

Life skills

Achieve goals, adapt positively to change and see setbacks as opportunities to learn.