Available only at Grosvenor Hall centre, what makes this activity so special is that it allows young people the freedom to explore this high ropes challenge as individuals. Skyclimb employs what experts call a “continuous belay system” which means that once a student is connected to the safety system via their climbing harness they cannot remove themselves from it until the activity has been completed. This allows them the freedom to travel around the course in total safety, trying different challenges and elements at different heights above the ground. Allowing students the opportunity to manage their own learning during this activity incredibly empowering and with participants supporting each other it develops mutual trust and a team spirit. The activity culminates with a choice of two zip wires (different heights) that transport the exhilarated individual safely back to ground level. This activity is closely supervised at all times and qualified staff are close at hand, on the course and also on the ground throughout.


Learning outcomes


Be able to demonstrate resilience through exposure to failures or setbacks.

Challenge and risk

React positively to challenges and manage appropriate risk taking.


Demonstrate self-confidence in themselves and show trust and support for others.