Nature walk

Choose from one of four trails through the natural environment in and around our centres, guided by our trained Instructors. Each of these trails can be tailored to suit your required learning outcomes. These include: Habitat Trail, where pupils compare varying habitats and minibeast adaptations; Minibeast Trail, where pupils are told about minibeasts found in the environment around them and armed with pooters (devices used to collect insects), nets and ID keys, they collect their own minibeasts for analysis and discussion. Beach Trail gives teachers the opportunity to choose what their pupils learn about. At our coastal centres, maybe they want to investigate rockpool life, see coastal geology in action or play beach games. Woodland Trail gives pupils the opportunity to explore the local forest, learning about plant history and use, and the trees and wildlife around them.

nature walk
nature walk

Learning outcomes


Work constructively as a team member


Environmental awareness

Show an understanding of how their behaviour effects the environment (local or global).

Learning a skill

Demonstrate a new skill or competence