Leap of faith

One of our most challenging High Ropes elements. Pupils muster all their confidence and courage to climb to the top of a 10 metre pole, before counting to three and putting their faith in themselves as they jump and reach to catch the mid-air suspended trapeze. A great activity for our challenge by choice ethos, where young people can safely take risks and learn from them – pupils are gently encouraged and supported by our qualified Instructors to push their own boundaries as far as they wish, whether that is only a few steps up the pole, half way or all the way to the top and then the leap.

Please note that weight restrictions may apply.

leap of faith
leap of faith

Learning outcomes


Demonstrate self-confidence in themselves and show trust and support for others.


Be able to demonstrate resilience through exposure to failures or setbacks.

Challenge and risk

React positively to challenges and manage appropriate risk taking.