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Help your school to save for your next school trip!

Enter your codes by 31st October to save up to £1,000 off school trips with Kingswood and the chance to win yours for free!

We have had a fantastic summer with our partners at the happy egg co. helping schools to save on their next school trip.

Although promotional egg boxes are no longer available in stores, you have until the end of October to redeem up to £1,000 of coupons with Kingswood. So, make sure you tell your teachers, parents and friends to enter their codes on the Trips for School website before the 31st October!

Visit Tripsforschools.net to enter your codes!



Successful outdoor residential experiences provide challenge, build confidence, promote independence, forge life-long friendships and also increase student engagement and attainment back at school.

88% of students said they felt more confident to try new things they wouldn't have done before*

*Learning Away, a special initiative of the Paul Hamlyn foundation

Your trip

Codes from the happy egg co. egg boxes can be used towards your next Kingswood visit - and every Kingswood visit is unique! Our programmes are tailored to suit the learning outcomes of your group; whether they are related to your classroom curriculum or skills and personal development objectives, we will work with you to design a programme to suit your needs.

We've got a great range of trips available during selected autumn, winter and spring dates in 2015, 2016 and 2017. The money your school raises – which can be any amount up to a massive £1,000 – can be redeemed on all brand new bookings.


Our centres

With nine locations in the UK and one in France, each of our centres offers a truly unique experience. All within easy reach of international airports and famous cities, visitors can choose from beachside settings, picturesque English countryside or town centre locations.


How it works

Anyone can take part in Trips for Schools so teachers, parents and students can help you to save on your next school trip, all you need to do is collect the codes on the happy egg co. egg boxes and visit tripsforschools.net. You can raise up to £1,000 to save on your next new trip booking, which can total up to a huge 50% off the cost of your trip. Check out the terms and conditions and FAQs for more information.

 1 - Register your details: Create an account to enter codes and keep track as your local school head towards their target

2 -Select a school: Search for your local school from over 24,000 schools around the UK

3 -Enter your code: Every code gives the school of your choice £10 towards a class trip. You can select the same school each time or different schools, plus every code entered gives your school the chance to win a free trip!

Visit Tripsforschools.net to enter your codes!

Spread the word

Tell your staff, students and parents about Trips for Schools with our printable posters!

Download and print our Trips for Schools poster PDF>>


What is the happy egg co.?

the happy egg co. are the free range egg people who do things differently. Founded in 2009, the happy egg co. are serious about hen welfare, doing everything in their power to ensure their farms are truly happy places, and their hens are as content as possible. In return for all their hard work, the hens produce delicious happy eggs - each with a rich, golden yolk and a delicious flavour. It's proof that happy hens really do lay tasty eggs!

find out more at thehappyegg.co.uk