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We know that successful outdoor residential experiences provide challenge, build confidence, promote independence, forge life-long friendships and also increase student engagement and attainment back at school. But don't just take our word for it...

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Five years of research

As a result of working over five years with partner schools, Learning Away, developed by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation has begun to understand what high-quality residential learning means, and have coined the phrase 'brilliant residentials' to describe these experiences.

Since 2009 Learning Away has been working closely with sixty primary, secondary and special schools to demonstrate the positive impact that high-quality residential learning can have on learner engagement and achievement, on peer and teacher student relationships, and on the powerful professional development opportunities it can provide for staff.

"Learning Away has shown that a residential learning experience provides opportunities and benefits/impacts that cannot be achieved in any other educational setting."
Learning Away final Evaluation Report, York Consulting 2015

Improve students' engagement with learning

Learning away 79 opt 1
Foster deeper relationships

Learning away 79 opt 2
Learning away 71

"I think it probably helped the quiet ones. You can see them building relationships with other students and feeling more comfortable with them. They wouldn't have done this in school." (Staff Focus Group)

Boost cohesion and a sense of belonging

Learning away 75

Smooth students' transition experiences

Learning away 67

Widen and develop teachers' pedagogical skills

Learning away 78

Visit www.learningaway.org.uk for more detailed information about the impacts of Learning Away and to download the full evaluation report.

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